Differences between journal and Newspapers

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Differences between journal and Newspapers by Mind Map: Differences between journal and Newspapers

1. journal

1.1. The size of the journal is smaller than the newspaper.

1.1.1. journal authors have the tenacity and freedom to Express things in a creative manner

1.2. Journal are more colorful than Newspapers, as colors give the journal a certain life

1.2.1. According to the content , the magazines pay more attention to a specific topic. In the case of separation, with a difference in size the reader should flip from start to finish and focus on the specific story in the journal. From a business point of view, both earn on advertising, magazines have some advantage over Newspapers

1.3. Journal are inferior to Newspapers in distribution

1.3.1. the issue of journal is more expensive

2. newspaper

2.1. Newspapers are available on a daily basis

2.2. in their appearance, it is obvious that the Newspapers are more

2.3. Appearance of the newspaper ,inferior to the journal

2.3.1. It is obvious that the content of Newspapers is much more serious and direct than journal In addition, Newspapers have various topics such as business, crime, entertainment, politics and sports Newspapers are distributed daily Since Newspapers provide a wide range of news and information, they tend to have a much wider target audience than the journal In case of separation, with the difference in size, it is quite easy for Newspapers to present their information right on the first page newspaper writers are mixed up with a somewhat strict, strong, formal and direct view of the point of view, as their movements are mostly based on facts and figures