Mechanical hazards

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Mechanical hazards by Mind Map: Mechanical hazards

1. Any hazard caused by the working with machines is known as mechanical hazard.

2. There are various types of mechanical hazards. For example: cutting, abrasion, electricity, vibration, radiation, exposure to any sharp ends or hazard causing thing etc.

3. Electricity Hazard: Most of the machinery is operated by supplying power. Sometime there is any exposure or lack of insulation to the wire. Worker may get in contact with that leading to dangerous health issues or even death.

4. Prevention: All the PPE must be worn during working with machines, damages to the power supply must be repaired immediately or the machine must be locked out so that nobody would touch it. Meanwhile worker should take care of hazards while working.

5. According to the Boston Globe, Romulo Santos, a 47-year-old Brazilian immigrant, worker fixing the electric wires got killed by the electricity. This could have been saved if the worker would have used the safety measures. This is not the only case but a lot of people were killed in past just because of unfixed wires of machinery. (Sandy Smith, sep. 2008) Retrieved from EHS today