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Grow Groups by Mind Map: Grow Groups

1. Intro

1.1. How do we introduce the concept of Grow Groups

1.1.1. A message specific to Grow Groups Explain the benefits of grow groups? dashboards

1.1.2. We all keep thinking about it

2. Future'd

2.1. dashboard command

2.1.1. 50 block constraints if one team, print if multiple teams, give dropdown for team select

2.2. stats export

2.2.1. ??? not in mvp a tab per team and that tab only includes user ids in that team

2.3. Roles

2.3.1. team leader

2.4. Allow delete

2.5. Request feedback from gg

2.6. Give to gg?

3. Specs

3.1. Is there a max num of groups/max number of people in groups

3.1.1. 9 people max per team

3.1.2. 20 teams max

4. To Implement

4.1. Alex Thursday: Initial dialog

4.1.1. gg name

4.1.2. 9 user selects first: default in creators name two mandatory, 7 optional

4.2. Alex Thursday: Initial dialog submit

4.2.1. Richard Friday: creates a gg where does a gg live, in user and own json? user: grow_groups: [uuidv4, uuidv4] gg ID gg own json will require some finagling of botkit Richard Thursday: create a dummy interface with constants for Alex to work off of

4.2.2. Alex Thursday: sends messages to people who got added "Ryan added you to Grow Group Team Leads" Learn more about grow groups here. should not send to creator Button lau

4.3. gg management page

4.3.1. per team edit grow group Alex Friday: dialog Alex Friday: dialog submit Richard Friday/Monday: gg dashboard last exchanged logic Ryan: more actions dropdown Richard: summary Richard Monday: leave group slap a confirm on this

4.3.2. Alex Monday: create new gg

4.4. Alex Monday: need a command to access grow group management page

4.4.1. "hears" team, group, grow-group, gg

4.4.2. add to help block message