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IgneusCraft by Mind Map: IgneusCraft

1. Features

1.1. Systems

1.1.1. Vip rank system People that are set as vip on the webserver get the vip rank on join, and get some special bonuses.

1.1.2. Lives system When you die, you loose a life, when you loose all your lives you become a ghost.You can then type /g heaven to go to heaven.

1.1.3. Sponges system Sponges are a store item. You can buy them to help you survive. They will absorb lava, and protect you.

1.1.4. Dedicated system You can buy dedicated status at the store. It costs 100.000 cookies. When you buy it you get a symbol by your name, and you get some extra bonuses.

1.1.5. Supercookies and cookies system If you survive you get cookies. You can use them to buy items at the store. Supercookies are the cookies that you get if you're a VIP.

1.1.6. Death system When you touch lava you die and loose a life. If you are on ironman, you will also loose 10 cookies.

1.1.7. Friends system You can add certain people as your friends. Then you will get notified when they join. You can also use /ftp to teleport to your friends, and you can use the friend chat to chat with them.

1.1.8. Clans system You and your friends can create your own clan.

1.1.9. Player control system The host can control players via console. There are a lot of available options.

1.2. Lava stuff

1.2.1. Lava moods

1.2.2. Round timers

1.2.3. Cookie bonuses for ops and vips

1.2.4. Custom physics

1.2.5. Lava speeds

1.2.6. Armors

1.2.7. Map voting

1.2.8. Custom death messages

1.2.9. Ban info

1.3. Other

1.3.1. Custom prefixes for operators and vips

1.3.2. Ip locator

1.3.3. Custom WOM texturing

1.3.4. Functional store

1.3.5. Friend chat

1.3.6. Faq for operators

1.3.7. Lots of custom commands

1.4. Game modes

1.4.1. Lava survival

1.4.2. Water survival

2. Player suggestions

3. Description

3.1. Symbol - If you see this symbol it means that the feature/command is half done.

3.2. Symbol - If you see this symbol it means that the work on the feature/command hasn't even started.

3.3. Symbol - If you see this symbol it means that the work on the feature/command is done.

3.4. Symbol - If you see this symbol it means that the thread is empty.

3.5. Symbol - Shows the priority of the feature that's currently being developed.

4. Custom Commands

4.1. Part1

4.1.1. /buy (item) - buy an item from the store.

4.1.2. /iteminfo (item) - get information about items.

4.1.3. /mood - control the lava mood.

4.1.4. /siteminfo - iteminfo for vips[planned]

4.1.5. /speed - control the lava speed.

4.1.6. /store - displays the items you can buy.

4.1.7. /superbuy - buy for vips[planned]

4.1.8. /superstore - store for vips[planned]

4.1.9. /vote - vote for lava mood and speed change.

4.1.10. /yes - if there's a vote in progress, choose option yes.

4.2. Part2

4.2.1. /cookies - shows your amount of cookies.

4.2.2. /faq [question/help] - shows/sends the faq.

4.2.3. /ftp - teleport to your friends

4.2.4. /lives - shows your amount of lives.

4.2.5. /no - if there's a vote in progress, choose option no.

4.2.6. /ops - shows the operators online.

4.2.7. /stats - look at somebody's stats.

4.2.8. /timeleft - displays the time left till the end of the round.

4.2.9. /tpallow - control if people can teleport to you.

4.3. Part3

4.3.1. /friendsonline - display the number of your online friends.

4.3.2. /friendchat - enable friend chat.

4.3.3. /clancreate (name) - create a clan.

4.3.4. /clanleave (clan) - leave a clan.

4.3.5. /clanjoin (clan) - join a clan.

4.3.6. /claninvite (player) - invite a player to join your clan.

4.3.7. /clanowner (player) - makes player a clan owner.

5. Planned features

5.1. Explosion survival mode.

5.2. Ban records and messages.

5.3. More custom commands.

6. Store items

6.1. god - gives you temporarily invincibility.

6.2. life - buy more lives.

6.3. rankup - buy the next rank.

6.4. color - buy a new name color.

6.5. title - buy a new title.

6.6. tcolor - buy a new title color.

6.7. dedi - buy the dedicated player status.

6.8. sponge - buy a sponge.

6.9. survivalpack - buy a survival pack ( 5 sponges and 2 lives)