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Characteristics by Mind Map: Characteristics

1. In order for a school to be successfully inclusive, they need quality partners with the same characteristics.

2. A quality partner needs to have the characteristics that promote inclusive schooling.

3. Of inclusive schooling

3.1. Promote diversity, acceptance, and belonging

3.1.1. Also...

3.1.2. Also...

3.2. Provide support for all students and families

3.2.1. Also...

3.3. Provide access to the general education curriculum while still meeting the needs of all students no matter their abilities.

3.3.1. Also...

3.4. Grouping students within the classroom to promote inclusion

3.5. Having a variety of assistive technology available

3.5.1. Also...

3.6. Having a variety of seating available

3.7. Creating lessons that help all types of learners (visual, audio, kinesthetic, etc.)

3.7.1. Also...

3.8. Paraprofessionals, teachers, and other support staff are trained and prepared to take on the role of inclusive educators

3.9. Welcoming and accepting parents and other family members into the school

3.9.1. Also...

4. Of a quality partner

4.1. Flexibility

4.2. Dedicated

4.3. Supportive

4.4. Accepting of all learners no matter their abilities

4.5. Open-minded

4.6. Motivated

4.7. Punctual

4.8. Energetic

4.9. Creative

4.10. Professional

4.11. Organized

4.12. Patient

4.13. Reliable

5. Both of these characteristic groups have a lot in common. As they should, they are both promoting the same thing: Inclusion.