The stresses strains of work

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The stresses strains of work by Mind Map: The stresses strains of work

1. a shortage of time seems to cause pressure in a wide range of professions.

2. they would have the control over their working day and time.

3. work takes up such a large proportion of peoples´s lives.

3.1. not surprising that it causes stress

4. 3,000 people, conducted by SWNS for skillsoft, 97% of IT proffesionals feel the impct of stress every day.

4.1. 80% feel stressed before getting to work

5. The strain apprently comes from a variety of factors.

5.1. not only do IT professionals work with people who have little knowledge.

5.2. but they also face pressure to achieve targets from managers.

6. Together with IT in the top five, the other most stressful professions are:

6.1. Medicine, engineering, sales and maeketing, and education.

7. people working in all of these jobs have a range of tergets to achieve and deadlines to meet in order to satisfy their employers.

7.1. if you are an engineer, you will have to meet a project deadlines.

8. many of these professions are also highly skilled, and the work can not be dine by just anybody.

8.1. the work needs to be to be shared

9. A third of people want to quit their jobs to become self- employed.