Cysts of the Jaws

Cysts of the Jaws

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Cysts of the Jaws by Mind Map: Cysts of the Jaws

1. Non-Epithelialized

1.1. Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

1.1.1. *Pseudocyst

1.1.2. *Commonly in mandible

1.1.3. occurs synchronously with bone disorders such as Fiberous dysplasia and Cemeto Ossifying Fibroma

1.1.4. *multilocular radioloucency (soap bubble appearance)

1.1.5. *Histopathology: large cystic blood filled spaces, fiberous tissue and giant cells

1.2. Traumatic Bone Cyst

2. Epithelialized

2.1. Odontogenic

2.1.1. Inflammatory Radicular cyst commonest jaw cyst of inflammatory origin occurs by the proliferation of cell rests of malassez Histopathology: cyst lined by hyperplastic NKSSE, arcading pattern in early formed lesions, cystic epithelia with respiratory or squamous metaplasia, rushton/hyaline bodies, chronic inflammatory cells and choleserol clefts in the cystic wall Residual Cyst causative tooth has been extracted variant of radicular cyst Paradental Cyst occur in the buccal aspect of partially impacted third molars arise from reduced enamel epithelium unilocular radiolucencies histpatholgy simillar to a newly formed radicular cyst

2.1.2. Developmental Dentigerous cyst *associated with an impacted tooth unilocular radiolucency attached to the cemento-enamel junction Odontogenic keratocyst High rate of recuurence multilocular radiolucency Histopathology: Parakeratinized Stratified squamous epithelium, basal cell palisading, suprabasal mitosis, flat epithelial connective tissue junction, daughter cysts in the capsule Gorlin goltz syndrome Lateral Periodontal Cyst adjacent teeth vital intra radicular well defined radiolucency Histopathology: cyst lined by NKSSE, epithelial plaques, mucous cells and sub epithelial hyalinization,un-inflamed fiberous tissue capsule intraosseous, occurs in intra radicular location Botryoid odontogenic cyst multicystic developmental lateral periodontal cyst Histopathology: thin walled, multi-cystic leison, with individual cysts showing features simillar to the developmental lateral periodontal cyst multilocular well defined radiolucency Glandular odontogenic Cyst also called sialoodontogenic cyst Histopathology: cyst lined by NKSSE with or without papillary structures, microcysts, plaques and crypts, glandular structures(mucous acini) DD: intraosseous low grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma, developmental lateral periodontal cyst with suqmous metaplasia, metastatic adenocarcinoma Gingival Cyst Gingival cyst of adult Gingival cyst of new born

2.2. Non-Odontogenic

2.2.1. Nasolabial Cyst soft tissue cyst, occurs from the remnants of the naso-lacrimal duct swelling on the nasaolabial fold,

2.2.2. Nasopalatine duct Cyst commonest non-odontogenic cyst of jaws arises from remnants of nasopalatine duct occurs between the maxillary central incisors unilocular heart shaped radiolucency in anterior maxilla histopathology: NKSSE, pseudosttafied respiratory epithelium, neurovascular bundle in cyst wall.

2.2.3. Surgical Ciliated Cyst