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New Media & Global Business Development by Mind Map: New Media & Global Business Development
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New Media & Global Business Development

Alternatives to CD business



My Geistesblitzes

Google Adwords for all RR keywords

album trailers - Victory records

integration of Central Desktop

RR studio - podcasts & content

Catalogue genres - part of catalogue web presence

Music industry 'tech expo'

Web 3.0 - Second Life presence

critical importance of RR brand in new industry climate

Quote: "The closest your business model is to current consumer behaviour, the better its chance of success"

QTrax President, Allen Klepfisz. Of course, there is a vehemantly opposing view - that music should not be seen as the pointy end of big coporate giveaways, or an appendage to Google AdWords. How do we find the right balance? Do we offer for free a handful of exclusive Slipknot tracks from the forthcoming album and have corporate sponsors pay to be part of the site that gives them away? I don"t know what the answer is here.

the process itself is part of the art

facebook quizzes - questions from users - iRead



Goldberg to create new plans


Microsoft CRM

s the introduction of a CRM system the way to start the necessary changes within our global business? From my observations of the various companies, it seems to me that there is still very much an old fashioned "silo" mentality. People view their digital "Rolodex" as their personal property...not something to be shared. Yet thriving companies need to see contacts as a shared resource. Contacts need to be mined for opportunities, not hidden from view. In a very real sense, the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing in any company.....especially one focused on marketing and promotion. We are (primarily) in the information dissemination business - this means that activities occurring in the retail realm need to be apparent to marketing, and vice-versa. Promo "hits" need to be instantly accessible to all. A lot of this already happens, but information is often "rationed" out by those who control or "own" it. We need to crack open the rationing process and make it totally transparent. CRM does this by opening up contacts and the history of communications with them. In addition, the type of CRM we are looking at (Microsoft Dynamic CRM) allows for all items within the CRM to be given the status of an "object". Such an object need not be limited to a contact. An album release might be an object. An artist profile can be an object. And each of these objects can be linked via innumerable networks. For instance, a user can look up an album via the catalogue number, and see a list on the albums CRM-driven "object" page of all the communication that has gone on within a period of time that is pertinent to that album - all the emails & calls made by reps of the company in the pursuit of that album/object"s success.

Central Desktop

Legacy systems


'New' marketing funnel

The old funnel must be "concertined" down to size, cutting out some of the intermediaries. Awareness and familiarity processes can be shortened via more immersive/intensive introductions to our artists, especially via gaming/online experiences and ineractive recommendations.

Social networking

New marketing philsophy

Better content & copy


New Media

Am I in a "department of one" or will marketing be subsumed into this area?

web 2.0 full time staffer



Need a 3C - 4P framework analysis to figure out where we are, what we should be selling and what kind of company do we need to be in order to succeed.


Web/new media audit

New business model

Here is a list of all the possible new business models we could be considering - many of them might work in tandem. Initially, none of them are intended as 100% replacement for the traditional CD business, but within 2-3 years it is expected that at least some of these models will become pre-eminent and major income generators.

Weekly task list

Need to put together list of weekly "must dos" - most, if not all, involving dialogue with key staff members in the NY office.

Need mentors

Lunch meetings

Company blog posts

New media seminars

What chance of hosting once a month "everyone welcome" lunch meetings that would be like new media seminars/Q&As - all staff could bring ideas and thoughts to the table and we would throw "em up on the whiteboard to flesh out in more detail?