Reading Aloud: The Heart of the Reading Workshop

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Reading Aloud: The Heart of the Reading Workshop by Mind Map: Reading Aloud: The Heart of the Reading Workshop

1. Choosing the text to read consider...

1.1. Matching reading level of struggling readers

1.2. Length

1.3. Band of text difficulty within which children tend to be reading

1.4. Relationship to unit of study/fiction/non fiction

1.5. Are text well written, informative?

2. Use to teach the skills of proficient reading

2.1. Form consensus with colleagues about skills to teach

2.1.1. Envision

2.1.2. Predict

2.1.3. Monitor for sense

2.1.4. Respond

2.1.5. Ask Questions

2.1.6. Retell

2.1.7. Synthesize

2.1.8. Infer

2.1.9. Develop Thesis

2.2. Choose skills to focus on...

3. Read across curriculum

3.1. Social Studies

3.2. Science

3.3. History

4. Make it interactive

4.1. Use your body / out loud thinking

4.2. Pass the baton to kids/ draw their participation

4.3. Tailor to fit time, need, insstructional agenda

5. Importance

5.1. Best way to immerse readers in the glories of reading, showing them how and why ones reads

6. Support whole class conversation

6.1. After reading talk about the text

6.2. Prompt kids to talk if necessary with universal questions

6.3. Use conversational moves to encourage as a way to encourage kids talk back to each other