Icici Personal Loan

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Icici Personal Loan by Mind Map: Icici Personal Loan

1. Feature and Benefits of ICICI Bank Personal Loan:

1.1. Multipurpose loans: You can use the loan amount for any purpose depending on how you would like to spend your money

1.2. The interest rate of ICICI bank personal loan is fixed and is charged on a monthly reducing basis

1.3. Flexible repayment period: ICICI bank personal loan tenure ranges from 12 to 60 months as per the borrower’s convenience

1.4. No security or collateral required: No need to pledge any security or collateral to obtain a personal loan from ICICI bank

1.5. ICICI bank facilitates quick loan approval and disbursal

2. ICICI bank personal loan eligibility criteria

2.1. Age limit: Minimum age required for the salaried applicant to avail ICICI bank personal loan is 23 years and maximum age limit is 58 years at the time of loan maturity.

2.2. Net salary: Salaried individuals should have minimum monthly income of Rs.17,500 (Rs.25,000 for applicants residing in Mumbai and Delhi;

2.3. Work Experience: Individuals who have had a job in the same profession for at least 2 years can apply for ICICI bank personal loan

3. Apply For icici personal loan