Good Student

This is what a good student should doFrom: A StudentTo: Students

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Good Student by Mind Map: Good Student

1. Exhibits Learner profiles

1.1. Willing to try new things

1.2. Does productive Extracurricular activities.

1.3. Always tries their hardest when doing anything

1.4. Takes Pride in their work

1.5. Well manneredness

1.6. Can achieve goals, Be proactive, Be prepared for upcoming things, ready for changes, is ready for everything

2. Attitudes

2.1. People

2.1.1. Is respectful to everyone

2.2. School

2.2.1. Has excellent teamwork skills

2.2.2. Can focus on the task on hand

2.2.3. Works now, Plays later

2.2.4. Has great confidence towards upcoming work to do and gets as much possible work in the allotted time.

2.2.5. Adopts a growth mindset

2.2.6. Has a positive attitude at all times

3. Habits

3.1. Efficient with everything they do

3.2. Hygene

3.2.1. Can independently take care of oneself

3.2.2. Neat and Organized

3.3. Practices his or her's own hobbies in their free time

3.4. Work

3.4.1. Does not Fidget or get easily distracted.

3.4.2. Has great self management skills

3.4.3. Asking question that clarify knowledge and obtain new things to learn

3.5. Volunteers for new opportunities

4. Communication

4.1. Verbal

4.1.1. Speaks loudly and clearly

4.1.2. Will speak up anytime, anywhere

4.1.3. Speaks the local language to be respectful to the other people around them

4.1.4. Participates frequently in class

4.2. Nonverbal

4.2.1. Good body posture when talking to other people

4.2.2. Will make eye contact with other people.