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1. Social Determinants of Health

1.1. Income and Social Status

1.1.1. Single income, many children

1.1.2. May be facing drought/hard times

1.2. Employment and Working Conditions

1.2.1. Stay at home Mum

1.2.2. Only dad works

1.2.3. Less opportunities in Rural areas

1.3. Education and Literacy

1.3.1. Lantana struggles at school

1.3.2. Mum and Dad not Tertiary educated

1.3.3. Less likely to finish high school

1.4. Childhood Experiences

1.4.1. Struggles at school

1.4.2. Accident and burns from boat

1.4.3. Both parents very busy

1.4.4. Has 3 siblings

1.5. Physical Environments

1.5.1. Sub standard housing

1.5.2. May be in a drought area

1.6. Healthy Behaviours

1.6.1. Dad smokes around Lantana

1.6.2. May have a poor diet due to low income/expensive food locally

1.7. Access to Health Services

1.7.1. Small Rural Hospital in Town

1.7.2. Lantana away from home for treatment

1.8. Gender

1.8.1. Female inequalities

1.9. Culture

1.9.1. Cultural background unknown

1.9.2. If Indigenous, lots of inequalities to face

1.9.3. Rural community supports

2. Cognitive

2.1. Able to gather information to formulate well organised thoughts and opinions

2.2. Transitioning towards greater independence

2.3. More able to think logically

2.4. Learning to use good judgement

2.5. Increased attention span

2.6. Requires some assistance at home or school

3. Physical

3.1. Physiological changes at puberty

3.2. Rapid growth

3.3. May look "different" to peers

3.4. Impact of physical damage from burns

3.5. Improved agility, speed, co-ordination and balance

4. Psychosocial

4.1. Potential for body image issues

4.2. May feel the need to conform or fit in with peers

4.3. may be in a different socio-economic demographic to peers

4.4. Psychological after effects of burns and changes to body

4.5. Increased need for privacy from siblings, especially opposite sex

4.6. may be experiencing different emotions due to onset of puberty

4.7. Friendship "cliques" and conflicts