Jazz Timeline

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Jazz Timeline by Mind Map: Jazz Timeline

1. Roots of Jazz

1.1. Blues (late 19th century)

1.1.1. Characteristics form of vocal and instrumental music vocal blues is immensely personal lyrics have many three line stanzas with the same form

1.1.2. Composers/Performers Ray Charles Louis Armstrong Robert Johnson

1.1.3. Robert Johnson CrossRoads - Cross Road Blues Song and Lyrics

1.2. Ragtime (1890s- 1915)

1.2.1. Characteristics performed at a moderate march tempo rhythms inspired by African American folk music several melodies of similar character

1.2.2. Composers/Performers James Scott Eubie Blake Jelly Roll Morton

1.2.3. The Ragtime Dance - SCOTT JOPLIN (1906)

1.3. Brass Bands

1.3.1. Characteristics musical ensemble/military band all brass instruments with a percussion section trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and a saxophone blend of military music and African folk music

1.3.2. Composers/Performers Olympia Brass Band Harold Dejan Michael White

1.3.3. Rebirth Brass Band- Feel Like Funkin It Up

2. The first three major style periods of jazz

2.1. Early Jazz (Chicago/New Orleans 1900-1930)

2.1.1. Characteristics played by a small group of around 5 to 8 performers trumpet, clarinet, and trombone polyphonic texture

2.1.2. Composers/Performers Louis Armstrong Roy Eldridge Earl Hines

2.1.3. Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In

2.2. Swing (1935-1945)

2.2.1. Characteristics played by big bands that had powerful sounds saxophones, brass, and rhythms main melody was accompanied by the saxophones playing extended chords or by playing short repeated phrases with brass instruments saxophones began to be the most important solo instruments during this era

2.2.2. Composers/Performers Duke Ellington Fletcher Henderson Johnny Hodges

2.2.3. Duke Ellington - It don't mean a thing (1943)

2.3. Bebop (early to mid 1940s)

2.3.1. Characteristics Complex style mainly for groups of 4 to 6 players meant for attentive listening, not for dancing sophisticated harmonies, unpredicted rhythms, and unusual chord progression the beat was fast pizzicato bass and cymbal began and ended with a soloist playing the main theme

2.3.2. Composers/Performers Charlie Parker Miles Davis Bud Powell

2.3.3. Miles Davis & Charlie Parker - A Night In Tunisia