The Positive Impact of Music on Learning

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The Positive Impact of Music on Learning by Mind Map: The Positive Impact of Music on Learning

1. Academic Achievement

1.1. Benefits learning in general

1.2. Implementing different styles

1.3. Effects long term memory

1.4. Can contribute to increased retention and understanding of subject matter

2. Positive Environment

2.1. Fosters Constructive learning atmosphere

2.2. Can be utilized to control and stimulate emotional responses beneficial to lesson

2.3. Soothing and relaxing ambiance that contributes to maximal attention span

3. Inspiring and Fostering Interest in Subject Content

3.1. Directly related to creativity

3.2. Relating to students reality/ world

3.3. Inciting correlation to subject matter and creative learning

4. Development of Creativity

4.1. Nurtures creative abilities

4.2. Influencing creative associations and between subject matter and students interests

4.3. Harnesses and unleashes creative skills and capabilities of students

5. Motivation

5.1. Increase in motivation

5.2. Especially in Language Arts