IIFL Business Loan

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IIFL Business Loan by Mind Map: IIFL Business Loan

1. Features and Benefits of IIFL Business Loan

1.1. Online eligibility check

1.2. Quick Disbursal: IIFL Business

1.3. IIFL offers collateral-free business loans based on EMI’s.

1.4. Flexible tenure

2. Eligibility & Documents Required

2.1. Partnership Firm

2.2. Private Limited Company

2.3. Self-employed Professional/Non-Professional

2.4. Unlisted Public Limited Company

2.5. Trust, Societies and Section 25 Companies (mainly for hospitals or educational institutions)

3. IIFL Business Loan Documents Required

3.1. PAN card/Form 60

3.2. Address proof

3.3. Financial Documents

3.4. Bank statement

3.5. Proof of business ownership

4. Why should you apply for an IIFL Business Loan through Afinoz?

4.1. Instant Approval

4.2. Real-time application tracking

4.3. Online eligibility check

4.4. Secure Environment

4.5. 24/7 Customer Service

4.6. No third-party agent