Tiered Pricing Changes

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Tiered Pricing Changes by Mind Map: Tiered Pricing Changes

1. MachineFinder Marketing

1.1. Web Icons Added to all equipment

1.2. Descriptions updated for all

2. In Store Marketing

2.1. On Lot Marketing

2.1.1. Ribbons/stickers??

2.2. Table tens for offices

2.3. Posters for the stores

3. Internal Marketing

3.1. Communicate to all

3.2. Communicate to sales team

4. Online Marketing

4.1. Bisman Ads

4.2. Retargeting

4.3. Facebook Ads

4.4. Email Blast

4.5. Gooseneck website ads

5. Determine Names/Categories

5.1. Web Icons created

5.2. One-Price Name

5.3. Tiered names

5.4. What goes into each tier?

5.5. Write out descriptions for all

6. Consumer Education

6.1. Do we create a video for this?