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CPD for ICT by Mind Map: CPD for ICT

1. Supporting #digital studies

1.1. Integrated projects with other subjects

1.2. Embedded ICT in all schemes

1.3. Collated examples of work across subjects

1.4. Dedicated time for teacher training

1.4.1. How often?

1.5. Regular time for sharing best practice

1.5.1. How often?

1.6. Encouraged use of PLNs

1.6.1. Twitter

1.6.2. Blogs

1.7. Current thinkers

1.7.1. @ianaddison

1.7.2. @largerama

1.7.3. @sharland

1.7.4. @simonhaughton

1.8. Sharing files with students

1.9. 21st century pedagogy

1.10. Staff ICT Skills audit

2. CPD

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