Why should all students study law

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Why should all students study law by Mind Map: Why should all students study law

1. Laws protect businesses and people

1.1. protect customers from unfair,deceptive or dishonorable practices

1.2. offer to both an individual and an organisation will be vital managerial information

2. Important part of a business

2.1. provide protection to our assets

2.2. change the way of an company operate

2.3. ensure the benefits of consumers

2.4. reduce the risk of a company facing bad debts

3. Awareness of rights and responsibilities

3.1. fight against the misbehavior of the business firm or seller

3.2. Eg: Right to safety,Right to information,Right to heard, Right to seek redressal

4. Laws prepares one for success in almost all areas of life

4.1. gain many skills by studying laws:deepen their understanding of the humanities and social sciences,thinking ability more acute

4.2. learn the skills not only for being a lawyer, and also other occupation