Media and information sources

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Media and information sources by Mind Map: Media and information sources


1.1. a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities ,consisting of interconnected network using standardized communication protocols


2.1. A place in which literacy ,musical,artistic,or reference materials (such as books,manuscripts,recording,or films)are kept for use but not for sale.


3.1. native;local;originating or produced naturally in a particular region/locality

3.2. Indigenous Knowledge

3.3. -knowledge that is unique to a specific culture or society;most often is not written down

3.4. Indigenous communication

3.5. -transmission of information through local channes or forms

3.6. -it is a means by which the culture is preversed ,handed down and adapted

3.7. Indigenous media

3.8. May be defined as forms of media expresion ,conceptualized ,produced ,and circulated by indigenous peoples around the globe as vehicles for communication