Project roles hierarchy

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Project roles hierarchy by Mind Map: Project roles hierarchy

1. Company Owner

1.1. View all active vacancies

1.1.1. Show Company Claim

1.1.2. Show candidates

1.2. My companies

1.2.1. List of your companies

1.2.2. View details about company and it vacancies Managing vacancies Create vacancy Create "hot" vacancy Update vacancy Close/reopen vacancy View company information

1.2.3. Update company information

1.2.4. Delete company

1.3. Create company

1.4. View of "hot" vacancies

1.5. View of closed vacancies

1.6. Make search for vacancy/resume

1.7. log out

2. Unregistered user (guest)

2.1. Sign In

2.1.1. Password recovery

2.2. Sign Up

2.3. View list of vacancies

2.4. View list of hot vacancies

2.5. Make search for vacancies with position/city/company

3. Admin

3.1. Moderate Companies

3.1.1. Approve company

3.1.2. Block company

3.1.3. Unblock company

3.1.4. View details about any company

3.2. Moderate Claim

3.2.1. Create claim to company

3.2.2. Reject claims

4. Registered User

4.1. View all Vacancies View hot Vacancies

4.1.1. Send Resume Change Create PDF Full PDF Send Email

4.1.2. Show Company Claim

4.2. Create Company

4.2.1. Company Owner

4.3. My Resume

4.3.1. Show all info Add skills Add jobs Update info(Education, Position)

4.4. Profile

4.4.1. Update info(Contact info, name, surname)

4.4.2. Change photo

4.5. Log out