Teaching Standards and Practice

Module 2: Activity 1 T.E.L.L. MindMap

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Teaching Standards and Practice by Mind Map: Teaching Standards and Practice

1. Reasons for taking T.E.L.L. Part 2

2. Learning strategies to help new English speaking students acclimate to the Country, and Education system

3. Personal and professional growth as an educator. Personal desire to stay current on strategies that better service my students' educational needs.

4. Professional Learning Goals

5. To Learn new skills to better help my colleagues facilitate a more complete education for my ELL students.

6. To be more educated in the cultural adjustments that my students may be experiencing as they adjust to living, and learning in Canada

7. Specific Standards of Practice

8. The teacher engages in ongoing professional learning and applies it to improve his or her teaching practices.

9. The teacher demonstrates commitment to the well-being and development of all pupils

10. The teacher provides an environment for learning that encourages pupils to be problem solvers, decision makers, lifelong learners, and contributing members of a changing society