Retail Space Design Unit (Sazia)

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Retail Space Design Unit (Sazia) by Mind Map: Retail Space Design Unit (Sazia)

1. Safety

1.1. Store must be safe for all category users

2. Power & Energy

2.1. Not applicable

3. Structure

3.1. Store must be designed in a way so that it is structurally safe

4. Mechanism

4.1. Not applicable

5. Material

5.1. Students must research about the commercially available materials and design according to that

6. Innovation

6.1. Design must reflect the creativity and uniqueness

7. Function

7.1. Design layout and furniture and fixtures should be functional

8. Fabrication/Building Creation

8.1. The store should be fabricated with the presently available materials in the market

9. Ergonomics

9.1. All the furniture and fixtures should be designed ergonomically

10. Environmental Sustainability

10.1. Not applicable for all students but some may prefer to design with environmentally sustainable materials

11. Controls

11.1. Not applicable

12. Aesthetics

12.1. The store should be designed aesthetically pleasant in every possible way for the customer experience

13. Systems

13.1. The functional system should be smooth and not interfere with each other