Manipal Campus life

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Manipal Campus life by Mind Map: Manipal Campus life

1. Personal care

1.1. Body Care

1.1.1. Hygiene Bathing min twice a day Check Toilet non-utilization hours Trim Hair & nails regularly Neat & clean

1.1.2. Medical care Update your Health card Min pocket money Emergency doctor no. First Aid box

1.1.3. Health care Food Digestion Diet Drinking water Timing Skin care Body lotion Do not re-use soiled clothes Eye care 10-15 min eye shade frequntly eye wash with coldwater Less composure to mobile Dental 2-3 times wash General fittness Work routine Rest Mental well being

2. Daily Routine

2.1. Day Schedue

2.1.1. Class hours Smart study hours Early morning study Late evening study College ideal time Library hours

2.1.2. Library Hours

2.2. College

2.2.1. Study Program Course Curriculum Shiva consultant Class Activity College Assignments Joint Individual

2.2.2. Collge Schedue

2.3. Society

2.3.1. Meet Mr Amaan Namaaz Self Study Self plan

2.3.2. Co-Student Interraction Interaction hours Together walk Together meal Birthday & celebration Latest movies National / International oppurtinities Engg field Industry Sport as a hobby Current sport event Some sport activities together Birthday & celebration

3. Social security

3.1. Environment factors

3.1.1. Misuse of social media

3.1.2. Local Politics be aware of local news & events

3.1.3. Religious Beliefs Do not disclose your beliefs in open Make this a private affair of your self Do not engage or participate in any such discussions

3.1.4. Cultural difference Respect and regard local culture Do not imitate or find faults in local culture Be tolerant

3.1.5. Controls Not to be reactive Being tolerant Understand people arround and keep distance with -ve mindset people Dont be emontiona Avoid execss usage of social meada Apps Do not react on Social media messages Do not join unidentified groups

3.1.6. HOSTEL WARDEN MINDSET Understand motive

3.2. Avoid working in Isolaton

3.2.1. Conduct all your works in open & avoid isolation

3.3. Active Communication

3.3.1. record your moments with Warden

3.3.2. Regular connect with Siblings & parents

3.3.3. Update your hostel and study program to Guardian regularly and keep him in touch

3.3.4. Police Emergency Contact


4.1. Which are the study hours more benefious for me

4.1.1. Early to bed

4.1.2. Early to raise , makes a person , healthy and wise

4.1.3. 10-4=6

4.1.4. Discipline be an army man

4.1.5. Self control


4.1.7. Early to bed