Natalia Urrutia

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Natalia Urrutia by Mind Map: Natalia Urrutia

1. Past

1.1. Moved to Vancouver from San Diego about 3 years ago; I was about 13 years old.

1.2. Previously lived where it was mostly Mexicans.

1.3. Never exposed to such a diverse place like Vancouver.

1.3.1. I was used to being a part of the majority, so I had never experienced racism and didn't know how to handle it.

1.4. Struggled with moving from the only home I've ever known to a completely different place; leaving my friends and family was difficult.

1.4.1. Moving to Vancouver affected me as a person and my mental health.

1.5. Went through a "rebellious phase."

1.5.1. I did not try at all in school; I treated the people around me very badly; I hung out with a group of people that encouraged all this.

2. Present

2.1. Have a few stable relationships.

2.1.1. When I first moved here I hung out with people that were bad influences and it took me about a year to realize that I don't need these type of people in my life, so I found new friends that were the very opposite and am happy with all the people I have by my side.

2.2. Very different person than when I first moved here.

2.2.1. I had a few experiences that affected me such as racism, sexism, harasment, and I had to find a way to deal with all this; it made me mentally and emotionally stronger.

2.3. My mental health has played a big role on me changing as a person.

2.3.1. I've always struggled with being mentally healthy and this move to Vancouver was the beginning of a downfall that seemed never-ending. I improved overtime dealing with my emotions and figuring out what was best for me and my mind.

2.4. Taking school very seriously now and am more conscious about the people around me and how I treat them.

2.4.1. I realized by the end of grade 9 that if I wanted to have a promising future that it started here in high school; so I figured out what I wanted to do and am working harder everyday to go where I want to go in post-secondary.

3. Future

3.1. Planning on going into law; hopefully ending up as a judge.

3.1.1. I decided on this field because of my experiences with harassment; it made me think about how many people may have gone through the same thing I did and I want to help them especially with speaking up because I never did.

3.2. Definitely want a big family of my own; I grew up with an enormous family.

3.2.1. My great-grandma had 16 children, then my grandma had 8 children, and that's only my mom's side. When I moved away it made me realize how close I am with my family, how much I cherish them, and how important they are to me and how I never felt lonely with them because they were so many of them.I thought about how I want that feeling every day for the rest of my life.

3.3. Finish school then go back home and find a partner and travel.

3.3.1. After post-secondary I want to enjoy being with my family and friends and be happy because I have experienced so much unhappiness in my life.

4. The People Around Me

4.1. What do they think of me?

4.1.1. Father: "Creative, competitive, intelligent, sharp, witty, sincere." "Persevering. You never give up." "Dedicated. You go for what you want"

4.1.2. Mother: "Talented in the arts. Beautiful singer and dancer, and passionate." "A bit stubborn and unforgiving at times." "But she's working on being kind and understanding."

4.1.3. Friend: "Humorous, thoughtful, compassionate, genuine."

4.1.4. Friend: "So first impression not going to lie , you were mean-looking." "But like as I talked to you, you were funny and nice." "Honestly if you actually tried you can be really smart.

4.1.5. Friend: "You're super friendly."

4.1.6. Boyfriend: "Funny, loving, caring, smart, immature."

4.1.7. Friend: "You're confident, funny, and independent."

4.1.8. Friend: "Quirky, funny, nice, mature."

4.1.9. Brother: "You are a determined, sharp, beautiful, skilled, and passionate woman."

5. Self Reflection

5.1. One of the school-related things I'm most proud of is from my English 10 class this year. We had a "spoken word" project and I chose to do a free-verse poem about my move from San Diego to Vancouver and how I felt with the racism and sexism I went through. I invited specific teachers from previous years and current and apologized to anyone I possibly offended and shared with them my plans for my future and my poem. I was very happy with the outcome and felt as if it was a fresh start.

5.2. I feel like I have grown a lot with my mental health and learning how to cope with my mental illnesses. I'm proud of being able to find new ways to help myself and find people that have helped me along the way.

5.3. I asked people I have on social media what they think of me and what they think my personality traits are. I wanted to see how different or similar I think of myself than what other people think of me. Personally, I think I'm an insightful, genuine, caring, stubborn person; and it was interesting to see what everyone thinks of me as a person.