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CosMedical Technologies by Mind Map: CosMedical Technologies

1. Address: 3961 SW 47th Ave Davie Florida 33314 USA Phone: (954) 587-8989 Email: [email protected] Website: CosMedical Technologies is a US-based exclusive label skin care products manufacturer. The company was established in 1993 by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, to give medical-grade, clinically developed as well as custom-made branded skincare to physicians and also spas worldwide. In the medical-grade, skincare industry, CosMedical Technologies is regarded as a forerunner in giving effective formulas that combine concentrated actives with beneficial botanicals while protecting skin from free radical damage. CosMedical Technologies helps spas and physicians take their business to the next level with turnkey solutions for launching their own custom-branded skincare product line with a low-barrier entry point. Our vision is to assist you grow your business. That's why you'll get the total package for ongoing success-- starting from day one. We offer a large range of dermatologist-formulated skincare products that are backed by comprehensive marketing, education, and e-commerce tools to help the success of your business. Get started is 3 easy steps: give us your logo, approve label and receive your order.