Singleness of Purpose - SkyScrappers (DJT)

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Singleness of Purpose - SkyScrappers (DJT) by Mind Map: Singleness of Purpose - SkyScrappers (DJT)

1. Advertising and networking

1.1. 1. Ace of Aces/Tom Stanley Networking & Marketing Mammoth

1.1.1. INDUSTRIES 1. Nationwide Real Estate Marketing Services Digital Marketing Services for People Like Jake 2. UpKeep Hub Other industries Confessions

1.1.2. Ace of aces - Creating a business counsel out of my customers

1.2. Networking For Real Estate

1.2.1. Funding for Real Estate

1.2.2. Real Estate Connections to advance real estate business faster we need to do something free for them like we have done with Jake Surveyors Surveyor principle from Jake, hit him up and ask to connect us with others. Financial Advisors Accountants

1.3. Who has pools of our customers?

1.3.1. Accountants

1.3.2. Barter Companies

1.3.3. Financial Consultants

1.3.4. Business Brokers

1.3.5. Heads of trade associations Associations resources, journals, etc

1.4. Immediate Need


2. Real Estate


2.2. Selling Rentals

2.2.1. RENTALSINVESTING.COM --rental property investing Selling Turnkey Rentals to 401k retirees Selling Rentals As Retirement Investments 5. Single Family Developments Developments like JWB Selling to Landlords Selling houses to landlords Selling to myself (My Portfolio) Subject to rentals Tax Deeds Selling portfolios to large investors

2.3. Selling to Owner Occupants

2.3.1. Owner Finance

2.3.2. Jason Loucks strategies

2.3.3. Flips

2.4. Selling Paper Assets (FUNDING)

2.4.1. Small 401k types Large Jake types Florida Tax Lien >> Nationwide

2.4.2. Threats to 401k investors investing in real estate— send letters to politicians and them prospect investors lists from public records

2.5. Selling Good Deals to Investors

2.5.1. Little Deals Wholesaling - Quick Money

2.5.2. Big Deals Commercial Tax Deeds Commercial Development Land Plat ready Residential

2.6. Motivated/Desperate Sellers

2.6.1. Target Motivated Sellers As An Agent!




2.6.5. Jacksonville Classifieds

2.7. Progression

2.7.1. 3. Jake's Level Projects 2 Commercial Projects

3. God's Army

3.1. Sowing

3.1.1. Reading Bible to my kids daily

3.2. Reaping