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WATER by Mind Map: WATER

1. IS

1.1. liquid

1.2. matter

1.2.1. mass

1.2.2. occupies space

2. 3 states

2.1. solid state

2.1.1. ice

2.1.2. iceberg

2.1.3. snow

2.2. liquid state

2.2.1. water in water bodies

2.3. gaseous state

2.3.1. water vapour invisible

2.3.2. steam hot water vapour at 100'C invisible

3. state changing processes

3.1. heat loss (temperature drops)

3.1.1. freezing (liquid 2 solid) freezing point 0'C

3.1.2. condensation (gas 2 liquid) at any temperature

3.2. heat gain (temperature rises)

3.2.1. melting (solid 2 liquid) melting point 0'C since the temperature of ice remains at 0'C when it melts, it is not gaining heat it is gaining heat until all the ice has turned into water

3.2.2. boiling (liquid 2 gas) boiling point 100'C since the temperature of water remains at 100'C when it boils, it is not gaining heat it is gaining heat until all the water has turned into steam when water is boiling, the white clouds observed are steam the white clouds observed are water droplets formed when steam condenses

3.2.3. evaporation (liquid 2 gas) occurs all the time at any temperature below boiling point cooling effect while evaporating, water gains heat from its surroundings rate of evaporation how fast/how slow evaporation is taking place factors

3.2.4. sublimation (solid 2 gas)