FY20 Bid & Project Management Objectives

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FY20 Bid & Project Management Objectives by Mind Map: FY20 Bid & Project Management Objectives

1. Team

1.1. Fiscal Kick Off Workshop

1.1.1. Define Overall Team Strategy/Objectives/Vision/Values

1.1.2. What do you want to be famous for?

1.1.3. Set clear and measurable Objectives

1.1.4. Crucial for this fiscal + Team Input

1.2. Team Outings

1.3. Team Recognition

1.3.1. APMP Conf

1.3.2. Qvidian Roadshow

1.3.3. Awards

1.4. Recruitment

1.5. Skills

1.5.1. Certifications (Update and Post on Confluence) - free for all

1.5.2. List of trainings and who has attended

1.6. FY20 Strategy communicated

1.7. Team Identity

2. Services

2.1. BID

2.1.1. Leading beyond RFx

2.1.2. Potential for new Services with Qvidian

2.2. TPM

2.2.1. Refine the Service (definition, qualification criteria, audience)

2.3. Document on Confluence

3. Hub Initiatives

3.1. Central Services

3.2. Barry's Pillar

4. Stakeholder Management

4.1. Promoting the Team

4.1.1. Success Stories (split by LOB, Region and Service)

4.1.2. Catchy Intro

4.1.3. Redefined Collateral (leverage existing videos)

4.1.4. Small Library on Confluence

4.1.5. Alignment with New Walking Tour (documented)

4.2. Recurring Interactions

4.3. Central Services Awareness Sessions

4.3.1. BM & TPM minimum info needed about services and team Language Skills Certifications Team Structure How to Engage (mention RM)

4.4. On going Conversation (based on compelling numbers)

4.4.1. KPIs Win Rate Utilization # Engagements Rejections

4.4.2. Achievements/Value Added

4.4.3. Demand vs Supply i.e. quality of projects, smooth collaboration, proper qualification, timely engagement

4.4.4. Main Stakeholders Focus EMEA Apps (BID only) (Chris Lyndsay) ECEMEA Apps (Amr Hewedi) WE Apps OD Apps (Clodagh Moriarty) - monitor demand UK Tech (John Abel, Jason Rees, Michaela Pattison) OD Tech (John McGann) Tech MEA ?? TECH CEE ?? TECH India (Maitreyee Sriram)

4.4.5. Growth Potential TECH South TECH North Systems APAC

5. Tools

5.1. Qvidian

5.2. O-tools

5.3. OPC

5.4. PM Tools

5.5. My Skills -

5.6. Day Planner

6. Processes

6.1. New Processes

6.1.1. Capturing Project Outcomes Monthly Tracking of Deals BM/TPM Feedback Ad-hoc Feedback from Field/Sales Overall Collaboration Improvement Points Innovation (anything new)

6.2. Enhanced RM Process - Documented

6.3. Admin Processes (back up, holiday, training, volunteering)

6.4. Quality

6.5. KPI Monitoring

6.6. On Boarding