Olvin Handover

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Olvin Handover by Mind Map: Olvin Handover

1. Documents

1.1. Product documentation

1.1.1. Product requirement document Roles and responsibilities Team goals and business objective Background and strategic fit. Assumptions User Stories Acceptance criteria User interaction and design. Questions Not doing

1.1.2. User experience design documentation User personas User scenario Scenario maps User story map UX style guide Site maps User flow / user journey schemes Wireframes Mock-up Prototype Usability testing reports

1.1.3. Software architecture document Architecture & Design Principles User Story description. Solution details Diagrammatic representation of the solution

1.1.4. Source code document Example chapters HTML generation framework and other frameworks applied Type of data binding Design pattern with examples (e.g. model-view-controller) Security measures Other patterns and principles

1.1.5. Quality assurance documentation There are different types of testing documents in agile. We have outlined the most common: Quality management plan Test strategy Test plan Test case specifications Test checklists

1.1.6. Maintenance and help guide

1.1.7. API documentation

1.2. Process documentation

1.2.1. Common types of process documentation: Plans, estimates, and schedules. Reports and metrics. Working papers. Standards

1.2.2. Agile product roadmaps Strategic roadmap Technology or IT roadmap Release plan