Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s

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Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s by Mind Map: Absolute Monarchs 16-1700s

1. Louis XIV

1.1. Revokes Edict of Nates

1.2. Versallies

1.3. Levee; daily rituals

1.3.1. thought to be the center of the kingdom

2. Henry IV

2.1. reigned from 1589-1610

2.1.1. granted the "Edict of Nates"

2.1.2. put the welfare of his country above personal or religious considerations improved industry and foreign trade

3. Louis XIII

3.1. his reign was 1610-1643

3.1.1. made France the strongest power in Europe

3.1.2. supported Richelieu against all his enemies his chief minister tried to restrict their independent but the Hugenots rebelled

4. Phillip II

4.1. his reign of Spain was 1556-1598

4.2. During his reign, the Spanish kingdoms reached the height of its influence and power. This is sometimes called the Spanish Golden Age.

4.2.1. Sent a large armada to invade Protestant England in 1588 to overthrow Elizabeth I