ADHD Assessments

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ADHD Assessments by Mind Map: ADHD Assessments

1. Diagnosed by a doctor or another qualified health-care professional.

2. Usually diagnosed through an interview between child/parent

2.1. your child’s developmental history

2.1.1. behaviour at home or in other situations

2.1.2. length problems have been noticeable

2.1.3. if problems are an issue

2.1.4. whether your child is experiencing problems at school or with school work

3. Questionnaires

3.1. your doctor will ask you to fill out detailed questionnaire so they can learn about your child’s general behaviour at home.

3.1.1. may ask parents to give a questionnaire to teachers.

4. Diagnosis

4.1. will take 2-3 visits to collect enough detailed information from all people involved in child's life.