Landing Tiles

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Landing Tiles by Mind Map: Landing Tiles

1. Trigger Publish once tile is saved/loaded

1.1. Send CIF to Buyer

1.1.1. Subscription created with PU as suffix Catalog validated and sent to Arches for Indexing Sent to Arches for Indexing GB Parametric data is activated in Buyer

2. Popular Page - PU1

2.1. Landing Pages

2.1.1. Resource1 CommodityCode / PU1.1

2.1.2. Resource2 CommodityCode / PU1.2

2.1.3. Resource 'n' CommodityCode / PU1.n

3. Popular Page - PU2

3.1. Landing Pages

3.1.1. Resource1 CommodityCode / PU1.1 Resource1

3.1.2. Resource2 Popular Page - PU2

3.1.3. Resource 'n' CommodityCode / PU1.n