Vitamins At A Glance

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Vitamins by Mind Map: Vitamins

1. Vitamin A

1.1. Normal vision, tissue strength, growth and immune system function

1.1.1. Orange/yellow fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, dairy Reduced night vision, dry/thick corneas, mucosa changes

2. Vitamin K

2.1. Essential for prothrombin synthesis, aids in bone metabolism

2.1.1. Green leafy vegetables, eggs Increased bleeding times

3. Vitamin E

3.1. Protects vitamin A from oxidation

3.1.1. Vegetable oils, grains, nuts, dark green vegetables Anemia, edema and skin lesions in infants

4. Vitamin D

4.1. Maintain serum calcium and phosphorus, aid in bone development

4.1.1. Fish, fortified dairy products, egg yolks, sunlight Low serum calcium, fragile bones, rickets, osteomalacia in adults

5. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

5.1. Antioxidant, tissue building, iron absorption

5.1.1. Citrus fruits and juices, vegetables Scurvy, decreased iron absorption, bleeding gums

6. Thiamin (B1)

6.1. Muscle energy, energy metabolism Meats, grains, legumes Beriberi, headache, weight loss, fatigue

7. Riboflavin (B2)

7.1. Assists with releasing energy from cells Milk, meats, dark leafy vegetables Skin eruptions, cracked lips, red swollen tongue

8. Niacin (B3)

8.1. Energy and protein metabolism; cellular metabolism Liver, nuts, legumes Pellagra, skin lesions, GI and CNS findings, dementia

9. Pantothenic acid

9.1. Carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism Meats, whole grain cereals, dried peas and beans. Rare Generalized body system failure

10. Pyridoxine (B6)

10.1. Cellular function, heme and neurotransmitter synthesis Meats, grains, and legumes Macrocytic anemia, CNS disturbances, poor growth

11. Folate

11.1. Synthesis of amino acids and hemoglobin, formation of fetal neural tube Liver, green leafy vegetables, legumes Megaloblastic anemia, CNS disturbance

12. Cobalamin (B12)

12.1. Folate activation, red blood cell maturation Meats, clams, oysters, eggs, dairy products Pernicious anemia, GI findings, poor muscle coordination, paresthesia of the hands and feet

13. Catalyst for metabolic & chemical reactions in the body