Marriage Planning (Please help us with your idea. Thanks a lot) :-)

Please help us with your Marriage Planning Idea. We really appreciate your help. Our love has been for 5 years and we are on the way to real family. :-)

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Marriage Planning (Please help us with your idea. Thanks a lot) :-) by Mind Map: Marriage Planning (Please help us with your idea. Thanks a lot) :-)

1. Location

1.1. Next to the River

1.2. Next to the beach

1.3. Island

2. Party ;)

2.1. Music

2.1.1. Songs One day I do - Colbie Colliat Beautiful in White Everything - Michael Buble Lucky Stand by me- Shayne Ward I dont want to miss a thing Marry you From this moment on Nothing's gonna change my love for you Rhythm of love LAzy song. Funny :-) Love to be loved by you Cơn mưa tình yêu Hạnh phúc bất tận One in a million - Bosson Love to be loved by you - Marc Terrenzi Thiên đường gọi tên Les rois du monde Je t'aime Save the best for last Flightless bird, American mouth I see the light - Mandy Moore ft. Zachary Levi Can't take my eyes off you - Today and everyday (wedding song) - Vanessa Williams Promise me - A thousand years Tinh yeu la ky

2.1.2. Melodies Canon in D/ Lullaby Secret love Forever in love A perfect wedding day

3. Finance

3.1. Working

3.1.1. Monthly pay?!!

3.2. Donate

3.2.1. Online donate

4. Organization

4.1. Table (15-20 tables)

5. Wedding Album

5.1. Website for reference


5.1.2. Tuong Nguyen

5.1.3. Ồ production - Facebook

5.1.4. Pinterest ;)

5.2. Location

5.2.1. Da Lat

5.2.2. Mui Ne

5.2.3. Hoi An

5.2.4. Nam Du

5.3. Album style

5.3.1. Magazine Style

5.3.2. Story telling

5.4. Photograph idea

5.4.1. Photo after the camera if different from the front

5.5. Planning Company


6. Honey moon ;>

6.1. Honey moon night suit

6.1.1. Lingerie

6.1.2. Bikini

6.2. Location for Honey

6.2.1. Moutain

6.2.2. Sea

7. In wedding

7.1. Dancing

7.1.1. Flashmob at the beginning, using "Just Dance" on the screen