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1. Communication

1.1. How to deal with the noise?

1.1.1. Acoustics of the Azipod

1.2. How to prevent misunderstanding

1.2.1. If it is language barrier?

1.2.2. If it is because background noise?

1.3. About the comminicator

1.3.1. How to carry it?

1.3.2. How to use it when you have no spare hand?

1.3.3. Where to keep it? How to attach it to the body? How to attach it the some other surface?

1.4. How is the reliability of verbal communication?

1.4.1. Is it possible to use some visual communication

1.5. How to deal with the delay(lag) of message communicating?

1.5.1. How to deal it while rescuing

2. Protection

2.1. How to make worker use them?

2.2. Head protection

2.2.1. How to make it compact No "clumsy"/difficult to move

2.2.2. How to make it breathable

2.3. Where should be the place that need to be protected? (Can't protect whole body)

2.3.1. Helmet

2.3.2. Boots

2.3.3. Gloves

2.4. How to avoid increase whole suit's volume?

3. Tool Carrying

3.1. How to prevent dropping the tools

3.2. How to prevent forgetting the tools inside azipod

3.3. How to take tools from tool bag more easily

3.4. How to make it easier to lift the tools

3.4.1. How to move it through many obstacles

3.4.2. How to move all different tools in one time or as less time as possible

3.4.3. How to not use extra worker to lifting the tools

4. Lifting

4.1. How to lift or lowering equipments and tools

4.2. How to lift up patient ormoving victims inside the Azipod

4.2.1. How to control the Lifting

4.2.2. How? What? force should be used to lift people

4.2.3. What is the lifting position

4.2.4. How to lift people when the direction is not only go vertically

4.2.5. How to communicate while lifting

4.2.6. How to prevent or solve when the person get stucked

4.3. How to prevent from Falling or how to reduce the damage of falling (falling Protection)

5. Working Suit

5.1. How to solve the uncomfortableness?

5.1.1. Too hot?

5.1.2. Too heavy?

5.1.3. Wrong size? Or the size doesn't easily fit to the worker?

5.1.4. Too stiff?

5.1.5. How to make it breathable?

5.2. The conflict between having a pocket or not

5.3. The problem about materials

5.3.1. While resuing, how to cut it off quickly?

5.3.2. How to avoid the invisibility? What bright or reflectable colour or material should be add?

5.4. How to put it on in a simple way?

5.4.1. How to take it off easily and quickly?

5.5. How to use the padding?

5.5.1. How to prevent the cold from the back?

5.5.2. How to make it more comfortable when workers have to work in some posture

5.5.3. How to do the protection

6. Lighting

6.1. What is the size & weight of the light?

6.1.1. How to carry the light?

6.2. How & where to attach the light?

6.2.1. How?

6.2.2. Where?(Position) How to avoid the inappropriate shadow? Which one is more suitable ? Ambient light or focusing light?

6.3. How to deal with the heat come from the light?

6.4. What is the property of the light

6.4.1. Brightness

6.4.2. Light temparature(color tone)

6.4.3. What is the wrong kind of light? How to avoid it?

6.5. How to supply the power for the light?