Future jobs

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Future jobs by Mind Map: Future jobs

1. Actress

1.1. Skills

1.1.1. ability to memorize lines

1.1.2. ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience

1.2. Attributes

1.2.1. Good stage, screen or vocal presence.

1.2.2. Having the confidence, energy and dedication to perform

1.2.3. must be passionate and flexible

1.3. Requirements

1.3.1. degree or having attended acting class

1.3.2. experience in acting small roles in playhouse or theater etc.

2. IT Consultant

2.1. Skills

2.1.1. Communication Skills

2.1.2. Relationship building and people skills

2.1.3. Ability to strike a rapport with the customer

2.2. Attributes

2.2.1. Being a good listener

2.2.2. Being knowledgeable

2.2.3. Having a Business etiquette and social etiquette

2.3. Requirements

2.3.1. Degree in a subject related to IT

2.3.2. experience in working as in related field

2.3.3. not mandatory but good to have: professional certificate such as certified management consultant