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History Germany-1919-1923 by Mind Map: History
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History Germany-1919-1923

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Effects of WW1


Blockade by Allies, Over a quarter million people died of starvation and influenza, Solution: Sign the armistice November 1918, Reaction of German people, The new leaders are November Criminals who stabbed Germany in the back as they signed the armistice and later the Treaty of Versailles


The Sailors @Kiel mutinied

The arrival of the American soldiers


Kaiser abdicated to Holand, Created a power vacuum

Weimar Republic

Ebert- first president. Meetings @Weimar due to communist fights in Berlin

Sparticists Rebellion-Jan. 1919

Left wing (SPD) & wanted a communist government

Led by Rosa Luxemburg & Karl Liebknecht but other left wing groups didn't support them

Failed-defeated by the Freikorps (right wing)

Luxemburg and Liebknecht assassinated

Caused instability to the Weimar republic

Treaty of Versailles 1919

Agreed reparations. Final sum 1921- £6.6 billion.

Been told to hand over ships & limit their number of defence

Sunk their own ships in Scapa Flow instead of handing them to the allies

Kapp Putsch- March 1920

Led by Wolfgang Kapp, General Ludendorff and Luddwitz along with the Freikorps

Nationalist (right wing) thought they should have carried on with the war. They wanted to overthrow the republic

Defeated when the public services went on strike. Rebellion showed the weakness of the republic (with no army)

2 ministers were murdered, Erzberger and Rathenau (a Jew) for their part in signing the treaty

Ruhr Crisis 1923

Failed to pay their first payment £50 million towards their reparations in 1921

French and Belgium Troops entered the Ruhr (Germany's richest industrial part) and took their raw materials, German gov. ordered workers to go on strike., Printed money which became worthless. Led to hyperinflation

Munich Beer Hall Putsch- November 1923

Ruhr Crisis-perfect opportunity to overthrow republic

Hitler and some SA men interrupted a public meeting led by Von Kahr and declared that he was taking over the local gov., Hitler thought he would succeed as he expected support from Von Kahr and the Bavarian gov., Failed due to lack of support and publicity. 16 Nazis were killed and Hitler wounded and sent to jail, During his 5 year sentence- he wrote Mein Kamf