BE Capability Development

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BE Capability Development by Mind Map: BE Capability Development

1. Neil's Preso

1.1. Thought leader

1.2. Mentor

1.3. Applied

1.4. Aware

1.5. Departments

1.5.1. Manufacturing Key capabilities Problem solving Lean Process validation Risk management Data analytics

1.5.2. PIPD Key capabilities Engineering fundamentals CAD Cogs & DFM Design process

1.5.3. QA Key capabilities Quality standards and regulations Risk management Audits Process development Operations Data analtyics

2. What is BE? (awareness)

2.1. Becoming BE champion

2.1.1. Mark's BE Champ intro (SaaS)

2.2. Recognition programs

2.3. How teams share their efforts

2.4. Role of managers and leaders

2.5. Becoming a BE mentor/leader

3. Foundational capabilities (problem solving process development)

4. How to run smaller improvements (JDIs, CIs)

4.1. E-learning: Leading a BE Project (D I D)

5. Health Checks and Process Improvement

5.1. Understanding the health of your process

5.2. What to consider when approaching process improvement

5.3. Deciding on your improvement approach/methodology

5.3.1. PDCA-Next level

6. BE Development Pathway

6.1. Six Sigma

6.1.1. Green belt DMAIC Mark's ILT LinkedIn Learning

6.1.2. White - aware

6.1.3. Yellow belt

6.1.4. Black belt