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Communication Flows by Mind Map: Communication Flows

1. What is Comunnication

1.1. Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another.

2. Downward Communication

2.1. Downward communication is when company leaders and managers share information with lower-level employees. Unless requested as part of the message, the senders don’t usually expect (or particularly want) to get a response.

3. Upward Communication

3.1. Information moving from lower-level employees to high-level employees is upward communication, as when workers report to a supervisor or team leaders report to a department manager. Items typically communicated upward include progress reports, proposals for projects, budget estimates, grievances and complaints, suggestions for improvements, and schedule concerns.

4. Horizontal Communication

4.1. Established between memberw of the same hierarchical level. It is used for:

4.1.1. Coordinate Activities

4.1.2. Solve Problems in a department

4.1.3. Make decisions

5. Diagonal Communication

5.1. Cross functional communication between employees at different levels

5.2. It is need for intergroup coordination, due to an urgency on the part of the issuer to get a response from the receiver