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On Page SEO by Mind Map: On Page SEO

1. Post Category - Create Category related to the Topic e.g /seo/onpage-seo/

2. Add Meta Description with Keyword and Hook(interesting description that makes person to click)

3. Mobile Friendly Websites are Key to Rank High

4. URL Slug - Make sure its Clear and short .eg <domain.com/onpage-seo/ for on page SEO tutorial.

5. Keep the Sentence Short Maximum 20 words per paragraph.

6. Use the LSI( Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords in post.

6.1. Use LSIgraph.com to find the Related LSI keywords and sprinkle them in content naturally.

7. Make sure to include the internal links with clear and meaningful anchor text and relevant to the post

8. Make sure your Page loads under 1.5 seconds

9. Focus on Sharing Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

10. Improve Technical SEO

10.1. Check URL sitemap and submit to Google search console.

10.2. Make sure Blog is on HTTPS

10.3. Include and verify Meta description

11. Make Sure to check the Meta Tags for the articles

12. Tip #1

12.1. Target Keyword in Right Place

12.1.1. Review Search Engine love Mobile Friendly websites. Make sure you use the Mobile Friendly Theme like Generapress Compress the Images - Search Engine Love Small Images(due to reduced pageload time).

13. Tip #2

13.1. Optimize Images - SEO

13.1.1. Include the Keyword in Subheading at least one of the Sub heading h2 tag

13.1.2. Alt Tag - Add the Alt tag with name picture if possible add keyword along with it. (don't overfill with keywords)

13.1.3. Caption - Include the Keywords or meaningful caption which resonate with the Image

13.1.4. Image Description - Add images description which contain keywords and alternate LSI words

14. Tip #3

14.1. Outbound Link to Authority Sites

14.1.1. Don't Include Spam links or Non authoritative links to content.

14.1.2. Use NoFollow Links if you don't want the Link juice to outflow. Linking to High Authority Site on Content or Blog is important They provide High Relevancy and help Search engine to get the idea about Content topic

14.1.3. Use the New tab option or target = '_blank' so that people can continue reading your blog or website.

15. Tip #4

16. Tip #5

16.1. Inbound Links or Internal Linking

16.1.1. Use the New tab option even if you are internal linking your siate.

17. Tip #6

18. Tip #7

18.1. Search Engine Love Fast Pages

18.1.1. Use Tools like GTMetrix, pingdom to get the errors or problems

18.2. Embed Videos , Animation and Info-graphic to Boost Dwell Time

18.2.1. Include Supporting Videos. images and animations

18.2.2. Use Info-graphics to share and give clear view about Topic

19. Tip #8

20. Tip #9

21. Tip #10

21.1. Drop Your Keyword in First 100 Words - Brain Dean Method.

21.1.1. Make sure to include the Main keyword in Starting of the Introduction under 100 words

22. Tip #11

22.1. Improve Social Sharing Signals

22.1.1. Use Plugins to increase the Social Share e.g Social Pug.

23. Tip #12

23.1. Write Long Content

23.1.1. Recommended Content Length is 2000 Words

23.1.2. Article Length 3000 words is Good sign.

23.1.3. 5000 Word in Depth article is super awesome and Search engine loves them

24. Tip #13

24.1. Use the Content Guidelines

24.1.1. Break the Paragraph

24.1.2. Use the easy words and No jargon words

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