UNIT: Soupfest (Soups/Stocks/Sauces)

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UNIT: Soupfest (Soups/Stocks/Sauces) by Mind Map: UNIT: Soupfest (Soups/Stocks/Sauces)

1. Aesthetics: everyone eats with their eyes first; we see food before we taste it, therefore the aesthetic of the dish we are serving needs to be taken into consideration.

2. Control: what are the roles of each person in executing this event?

3. Environmental Sustainability: we will consider the impact our choices make on the environment ie. will we serve soup with disposable items? Alternatively, what might the water consumption be to wash all of our service dishes? Where are our ingredients coming from? Etc.

4. Ergonomics: while we are making our soup, are we working in a way that favours safe movement? Are our tables too high or low? Is it beneficial to have sharp knives to avoid strain? Are we taking breaks to stretch and check in with our bodies to modify what we are doing to avoid repetitive stress?

5. Creation: what ingredients will we be combining to make our soup? What will we need to create to host a welcoming and successful event?

6. Function: how does soup nourish our bodies? How does this event foster community?

7. Innovation: what types of soup could we create that might be outside the box but still appealing to customers? How is using an event like Soupfest addressing food insecurity and awareness of social justice issues?

8. Material: where are our ingredients coming from? Are there any extra materials we might need to pull off this event? How do we treat our materials responsibly and with respect to minimize waste and maximize efficiency and end product?

9. Power and Energy: Do we have electrical limitations in the classroom? Are we able to all plug into the same circuit when using electrical appliances? Are we going to keep our soup hot with electrical or gas energy?

10. Mechanism: Will we pour from a container or ladle this soup to serve? What is the mechanism of the food processor we are using?

11. Safety: Am I being safe while using hazardous equipment in the classroom (knives, flame, etc.)? Is my responsible behaviour keeping my classmates safe? Are the guests coming to Soupfest safe from hazards ie, hot soup, other environmental hazards (wet floor, etc.)

12. Structure: What is the base of our soup? What is the base of that base? How do we build with flavour and use our knowledge of ingredients to create a pleasing soup? If we nest too many bowls inside each other, what happens?

13. Systems: What is going on during Soupfest? Who do we need assistance or resources from? What parts of our classroom/cafeteria space need to work together to create soups and create this event?