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GOALS by Mind Map: GOALS


1.1. Passion

1.1.1. Lighting Technical Sales Product Knowledge Commercial Negotiation Client Design Layout Architectural thinking process Control System

1.2. Career

1.2.1. Networking Relationship Customer Colleagues

1.3. Projects

1.3.1. Marketing Social Media Inbound

1.4. 2 years

1.4.1. Learning Management System Knowing the process of managerial control Setting Standards Taking Corrective Actions Measuring Actual Performance

1.5. 5 years

1.5.1. At a position to manage and lead a team in right path of an organisation Support and mentor people mentally & strategically in working atmosphere

1.6. 10 years

1.6.1. To Implement my ideas to new startup Controlling my organisation to build a better service to people.


2.1. 2 years

2.1.1. Purse Managing course Master in Dialux software tool for designing Improve Knowledge over Technical skills, society issues & general things

2.2. 5 years

2.2.1. Doctorate in Business Administration Improve Learning of new aspects Increase Technically skills on internet of things

2.3. 10 years

2.3.1. As education is part of our life, I will improve my learning curve, when I am curious towards a subject to learn.


3.1. Ftiness

3.1.1. Diet Rich food & nutrients

3.2. Sports

3.2.1. Running Football

3.3. 2 years

3.3.1. To maintain physical health Control diet to have healthy lifestyle

3.4. 5 years

3.4.1. Concentrate more on outdoor activities Play regular sports

3.5. 10 years

3.5.1. Train people & create a healthy fitness society Sport club

3.5.2. Explore new places & adventureland


4.1. 2 years

4.1.1. Investment on education

4.2. 5 years

4.2.1. Home Improvements Savings Liability

4.3. 10 years

4.3.1. Invest on my own start up company