Ableton Live CV Tools: Mind Map by

A summary mind map of Ableton Live's CV Tools Max for Live devices with links to overview and Moog demo videos.

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Ableton Live CV Tools: Mind Map by by Mind Map: Ableton Live CV Tools: Mind Map by

1. Instruments

1.1. CV Instrument

1.1.1. Control your modular with MIDI. This device features flexible modulation and voicing options, as well as cent-accurate tuning of your oscillators.

1.2. CV Triggers

1.2.1. Sequence your modular drum modules from inside Live.

2. Utilities

2.1. CV Utility

2.1.1. Control your modular with automation curves from Live. Add, multiply and shift control signals together and process control voltages like audio. You can even use this device if you don’t have any modular gear.

3. Syncrhonization

3.1. CV Clock In

3.2. CV Clock Out

4. Modulation

4.1. CV In

4.2. CV Shaper

4.2.1. Create flexible CV shapes in Live then send them to your modular rig.

4.3. CV Envelope Follower

4.3.1. Control your modular with audio signals from inside Live.

4.4. CV LFO

5. MIDI Effect

5.1. Routing Rhythm Generator

5.1.1. Create organic rhythms and experiment with modular-style beat and polyrhythm generation. This device also sends MIDI so you can use it with Drum Racks or other external equipment with a MIDI input.

6. Links

6.1. Download from Ableton

6.1.1. CV Tools | Ableton

6.2. Videos

6.2.1. Overview Video

6.2.2. Moog Demo Videos Mother-32 | Modulate your Synth with CV Tools DFAM | Build a Synth Drum Rack using CV Tools DFAM | Calibrate Ableton’s CV Tools to your Synth DFAM | Play your Synth from Ableton Push using CV Tools DFAM | How to Tempo Sync your Synth with Ableton using CV Tools