The Pros and Cons of Working in Retail

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The Pros and Cons of Working in Retail by Mind Map: The Pros and Cons of Working in Retail

1. Con: Manager Madness

1.1. Nuisance

1.2. Constantly pushing you

1.3. Sense of anxiety when they page you to meet them in your office

1.4. Yell at you during unreasonable circumstances

2. Pro: Employee Discount

2.1. Save money

2.2. Buy gifts for friends and family for cheaper

2.3. Share your discount with friends and family

3. Pro: Meeting New People

3.1. Talking to colleagues

3.2. Talking to customers

3.3. Never know who you run into

3.4. Might benefit you in the future

4. Pro: Job Experience

4.1. Build resume

4.2. Use managers and other corporate leaders for future references

4.3. Build skills in communication, customer service, etc.

4.4. Learn new skills to apply to future jobs

5. Con: Dealing with Angry Customers

5.1. Customers may make a fuss

5.2. Customers may be inconsiderate

5.3. Customer complaints

6. Pro: Make money

6.1. Spend on your own

6.2. Understand true earnings

7. Pro: Learn Life Skills

7.1. Learn how to calculate taxes

7.2. Learn how to talk to people effectively

8. Con: Few leisure time

8.1. constantly working

8.2. work takes away from spending time with friends and family

9. Pro: Exercise

9.1. constantly running around

10. Unreasonable Customers