Leading Organizational Change

Org Behavior

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Leading Organizational Change by Mind Map: Leading Organizational Change

1. Course outcomes, competencies and objective

1.1. Identify the role of internal and external environments in driving or restraining change. Evaluate theories and perspectives of organizational change. Apply theories and perspectives of organizational change to create strategies. Analyze strategies to implement successful organizational change.

2. 3 credit hours, online graduate level, adult learners ages >21

3. Syllabus

3.1. Course introduction

3.2. Course description

3.3. Course Materials

3.4. Grading Criteria

3.4.1. Rubrics

3.4.2. Grade scale

3.5. Guidelines and expectations

3.5.1. Weekly due dates

3.5.2. Discussion board standards

3.5.3. Integrated article review

3.5.4. Research paper requirements

3.5.5. Case study

3.5.6. Exam 1

3.5.7. Exam 2

3.6. Plagiarism

3.7. Policies

3.7.1. Student code of conduct

3.7.2. Netiquette

3.7.3. Communication with professor

4. Online library

5. Assessment and feedback

5.1. Course Evaluation

5.2. Faculty Evaluation

6. Learner support and resources

6.1. APA resources

6.2. Online tutor

6.3. IT help desk

6.4. Online student life

7. Student Characteristics

7.1. Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Intellect, academic preparation and performance, Educational goals

7.2. Computer literacy, Information literacy, Time management, Reading and writing, Online communication skills

7.3. Financial plan in place, Employment (full time or part time), Family and church responsibilities, Support from others, Life crisis