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1. Overview

1.1. The Belo Monte Power Plant is being built in the Xingu River basin, near the municipality of Altamira, in the southwest state of Pará.

1.2. Its installed capacity will be 11 233 megawatts but, because it operates with a very small reservoir, it should effectively produce about 4 500 MW (39.5 TWh per year) on average over the year

1.3. In installed capacity, the Belo Monte plant will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world, behind only the Chinese Three Gorges (20 300 MW) and the Brazilian / Paraguayan Itaipu (14 000 MW). It will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Brazil.

1.3.1. The lake of the plant will have an area of ​​516 km² [1] (1/10000 of the Legal Amazon area), that is 0.115 km³ per effective MW

1.3.2. Its cost was estimated by the concessionaire in R $ 26 billion, [5] or R $ 5.7 million per effective MW. The auction for construction and operation of the plant was carried out in April 2010 and won by Consórcio Norte Energia with a bid of R $ 77.00 per MWh. The concession contract was signed on August 26 of the same year and the civil works contract on February 18, 2011. [6] The plant's start-up is scheduled for 2015.

2. Text analysis

2.1. It reports the decision of a federal judge named Souza prudent that suspended the construction of the beautiful mountain plant due to conflicts between the government and the indigenous population as the construction of this plant would flood areas of their respective dwelling. According to the interview in the text, the judge's spokesman claims that the congress put their hands in the hands of the building and the president at the time: Luís Inácio, signed a contract of 17 billion with the company North Energy by the consortium. also dictates the error that the legislators made in not consulting the residents of the region, in this case the Indians.

3. Vocabulary

3.1. Court

3.2. Long-brewing

3.3. Dam

3.4. Third-largerst

3.5. Argue

3.6. Displicente

3.7. Judge

3.8. Lawmakers

3.9. Attempt

3.10. Dictatorship

3.11. Mockery

3.12. State-run

3.13. Border