EP.1 Starting The Branding Process

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EP.1 Starting The Branding Process by Mind Map: EP.1 Starting The Branding Process

1. What a Brand is? 什麼是品牌

1.1. A Brand is a person's gut feeling about a n Organization, a person or a company. 對於組織,個人或公司所產生的直覺反應

1.2. 影響的感官

1.2.1. Visual Aesthetic 視覺美感

1.2.2. Sound of their messaging 聽覺傳達

1.2.3. Overall position in the Market 整體市場定位

2. RE-BRAND 重新定義品牌

2.1. An adjustment of the customer touch points that affect the impact of the overall experience. 可以衝擊/影響 整體品牌形象 的 對顧客體驗所做的調整

2.1.1. Customer touch points Sometime: Incremental 有時只是小幅增加 有時是全盤重做

2.1.2. Overall experience

3. Example: Hamilton Family Brewery

3.1. Owner

3.1.1. Josh Hamilton 原先設計的LOGO沒辦法傳達,想要設定要傳達給顧客知道的訊息

3.1.2. Christon Hamilton

3.2. Bear Needs to be to compete in the Market 啤酒需要的競爭優勢

3.2.1. 口味 Origional 原創 Enticing 誘人

3.3. Tag line: Love People, love bear

3.3.1. Mission statemnet

3.3.2. Goal

3.3.3. Driving Force

3.4. Logo

3.4.1. Super clutter 超雜亂

3.4.2. Really dense 非常稠密

3.4.3. Not legible in small sizes 縮小時非常不清晰


4.1. What makes a good logo 什麼是好LOGO

4.1.1. Must be Sagi Haviv Appropriate for the context 適合情境 Memorable 好記 Be simple: work at any scale 在任何的大小都可行

5. What's Next for Hamilton Family Brewery

5.1. Redo Logo

5.2. Two versions of Packaging

5.2.1. Tamplates

5.3. Website

5.4. Style Guide

5.4.1. Tie everything

5.4.2. Use all the touch points with the brand