Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

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Effective Substance Abuse Treatment by Mind Map: Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

1. types of addiction

1.1. drugs

1.1.1. alcohol sex gambling

2. complications

2.1. lack of training

2.1.1. standard intake evaluation need educational requirements controlled lab vs real life do not know how to implement the treatment programming

3. possible solutions

3.1. evaluate effective programs for what their doing correctly

3.1.1. measurement and reporting of programs

3.1.2. measurement based practice

3.1.3. report under-performing programs

3.2. neuro-imaging to find the neural connections that underlie the working therapies

4. immediate needs

4.1. requirements for the workforce

4.1.1. treat addiction as chronic rather than acute devise long-term treatment goals treat addiction as a disease and intigrating it in the health care system

4.2. more evidence-based treatment programs

4.2.1. need to make appropriate referrals