Donna / Colin

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Donna / Colin by Mind Map: Donna / Colin

1. The Feature Presentation

1.1. Moxiwall

1.2. Write the Script

1.3. Visitor invites

1.3.1. Robert

1.3.2. Peter Thompson

1.3.3. Danie Keyser Y BNI Inferno 116289600 [email protected] Active

1.3.4. Michael Maggs

1.3.5. DC's Liesl Jeremy Roger

1.4. 5 Asks

1.4.1. How to present

1.4.2. By customer segment Financial Project Managers SBSA FNB Education QS at Dept of Education GBS Legal Dean Wright IT Industrial

1.5. Testimonials

1.5.1. Stick Ons

1.6. The Board

1.6.1. Easel

1.6.2. Markers

1.7. The Visual Vocabulary

1.7.1. Icons

1.8. The Case Study

1.8.1. Video

1.8.2. Podcast

2. Referral Opportunities

2.1. GSK - the Campus

2.2. TigerBrands

2.3. Novotrans

2.4. Impello

3. Publishing Opportunities

4. Wild Life Photography

4.1. Tristan Dicks

4.2. Shem Compion

5. Geistesblitze

5.1. Speak to Donna re-the whiteboard mounting

5.2. Hi Donna have you got a Plain Text version of the final script I want to make a simple map with some Images I may use

5.2.1. Apologies - forget that I see I am able to download Plain Text file from Google Drive

5.3. Publish a simple map of the script with Images attached and Export to PDF

5.3.1. The Script Map

5.4. Hi Donna please speak to me about an idea I saw from somebody called Sam Bradd at the international visual practitioners conference