The Unification of Italy

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The Unification of Italy by Mind Map: The Unification of Italy

1. Italy in the 1848

1.1. -the State of church lured by Pope

1.2. -Italian landscape had hindered Italian unity

1.3. -peninsula had been prey to many kings of foreign interference

1.4. -Italy lacked most of the resources necessary for modern industry

2. Gioberti and and Pope IX

2.1. 1801-1852

2.2. political prisioners

2.3. confederation of Italian States

2.4. Catholic basis for Italian unification

3. The establishment of the kingdom of Italy

3.1. In the 1850's Italy found two new leaders

3.2. KIng Victor Emmanuel II

3.3. Chief minister count Camillo Cavour

3.4. Italy on nonrepublican lines

4. The revolutions of 1846 in Italy

4.1. -1848 saw revolutions in all parts or Italy

4.2. -Italian rulers long support Charles Albert

4.3. -The king of the Two Sicilies withdrew his soldiers after he discovered that his own throne was really not in danger

4.4. -Pope Pius IX withdrew from the war